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Feel free to send us any pics you have from your "celebration of life". We'll include them in this section!    

16 pointer below left, I took it in Elberton, GA on 2007. My friend  John V. bottom right took 3 wild turkey's in 2008 during Turkey season.             

Our wine cellar, making all kinds of wine, concord, mead, zinfandel, and the most favorite, red plumb wine from our fresh organic trees. (this is for hobby only)

Homemade sausage making with orange rind, air dry. 

Most recent porker we catered for our church, using church equipment. Pay attention at the loops of the wire bottom left so nobody cuts themselves during work, and the amounts of tie downs. Never take a shortcut on the ties. Put the spine close to the spit and you will have a nicely balanced result.

Do not use galvanized wire! poisonous!

Do not use aluminum wire will break when you twist it.

Do not use copper wire, will oxidize when the spices hit it (lemon etc) and stain the meat 

Use regular rebar wire, pass it through steel wool to shine it, and then through oiled cloth / paper towel.

Do not tie the meat with this and let it sit overnight because it can start forming rust. We usually tie the meat within 2 hrs from cooking it.












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