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Due to the fact that I work hands-on and for time management and production issues

please allow me to keep the 1st contact via email. You will get my phone number in my response.


[IF  YOU NEED TO CALL ME DIRECTLY  initially for whatever reason about the systems we sell, 


YOU'LL GET IT usually right away or within 24 hrs the latest, or just send me yours and best times to call you. 


The questions in red below will help us guide you in the best custom setup to meet your budget now,  

and to allow you for efficient  future expansion. Please copy and paste them on your email to us with your answers.


If on the other hand you know exactly what you want, just spell it out for us, it'll help. Methods of payments accepted are listed below.


1. Which one of our systems is more close to your budget? (See our "Products" for pricing)


2. Is your system going to be used on the ground and can you dig max 18" deep hole 

into the ground with a post hole, to secure it? Yes / No

 (Answer to this will provide us with height adjustability potential)


3. What weights do you plan to barbecue on the spit? ________-_________


4. What type of spit / skewer do you like? mild steel / stainless / aluminum? 

 (Most rods/spits are mild steel.  I figure, so much team work goes into the whole preparations, 

so having one person spend 10 minutes to sand any rust off  / oil wipe / oil wipe the spit clean before the bbq is not a big deal. 

Consider that stainless will run around $60-120 more depending on the size. 

(Remember your oiled cast iron pans? They weren't stainless! and didn't have Stainless in the old fashion "primitive" ways either.

    We've personally done it this way for more than 40 years). 

However, we do have aluminum or stainless options for you too.

5. Are you planning to use the system now or in the future,  off the ground (such as attach it 

in a half barrel  elevated with legs?) If Yes, do you have the capability to weld? 

Or, you'd prefer to bolt it on? Yes   / NO

 (Answer to this will provide us with design mods)


6. What kind of meat / Max weights do you plan to cook? 



Any other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help in anyway I can.


Thank you


John A.



Payments accepted & shipping


For Pick up orders:

50% deposit prior to building required. Balance at pick up.

For shipping orders: 

100% up front, as it will only be a very short time between building and shipping.

Shipping costs for "custom 101" orders is about $50-100 + $30(Packaging (box building) / handling)


You will pay the actual shipping  rates after I assess the weight / size of your package.

(My last 101 system  (201 systems have similar costs too), with a few accessories put in a wooden box (extra weight and extra heavy duty spit) actual Shipping charge by Fedex was $80.

(If you have a business delivery address (but has to be the same as Paypal if you pay via Paypal), you might save around $10.


We accept  Cash upon pickup for the balance,   PayPal, money orders, cashier checks, and regular checks (will wait till they clear prior to shipping)  


(For customers in Hawaii unfortunately I found out the custom 101 system will cost to ship around $175 making it very expensive to ship to Hawaii.


 If you want to use your own shipping account, that is fine, however you will be responsible for any damages. 


If you prefer to pay via credit card, we think you can do this via PayPal.



Unless arranged otherwise via email, once the system is been built within the agreed timeframe and you have been notified, you will have 2 weeks to pick it up or pay for the balance prior to shipping, or you will be issued a $2/day storage fee and after 30 days of no pick up or no response or payment, your system will be sold to someone else and your deposit forfeited.





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