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                                         Festivities Pics

This section of our web page includes different pictures of our systems. 

See on the left the Festivities Pics link for more general pictures from celebrations. 

 We can include yours too, just send us a pic or two with a comment and if we find it appropriate we'll post it.

If you see a blank frame below the pictures, it's probably a video, it should open in a while automatically, 

you can right click on it and choose different options.

Custom 100 system below



Motor picture is for reference only, we use different similar motors for different species and applications.

You will get a great product for almost half the price of the competition from a "hands on", extremely reasonable seller with 

excellent customer service record.

Custom 201 system below




Ours are slightly used, tight, and as good as new with our warranty. 

These motor's have needle bearings and will last for a lifetime, they are great.

Top right pic shows "double handles" where the motor Hangs from to eliminate stress to the motor's axle 

(also see this below). The 4th pic above, it shows in the center the square tubes that 1/2 of the length is 

buried in the ground to stabilize, and also this "extra" length below the ground, provides you the extra 

adjustability height you very much need for your barbecue. (see pic below)

This pic was sent to us by one of our customers.  

He cooked 1/2 of a 150 lbs pig with great success

but from now on, I will have to include details on how to tie the meat appropriately so it will look a bit better :-)  


Custom 301 system below 

Below is the chain driven system, shown here with a small 50 in/lbs motor, motor has been upgraded now to a 300 in/lbs

This system will run around $1,100 (with a 300 in/lbs motor),  with 2 skewers, depending on options.

It's the most flexible system with only one motor turning any spit for the serious user, and you can fit on it as many spits on it you wish,

 and the size will vary proportionately.


Video below (it should load automatically, you can right click on it and replay it).

This is the 1st "PROTOTYPE" SYSTEM, normally we do more than 3 skewers 

on this system, the actual system build for you will be much prettier, 

 the back skewer support will look similar to the front (sorry for the bad pictures).


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