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Meat 100 ~$150+ (If you are close to Alpharetta, GA or close to Elberton, GA) 

"Meat 100" This item local pick up only no shipping on meat.

We have sources we can provide you with  the  best USDA  approved and

"free ranging" meat possible. Let us know what your needs are. 

Price varies according to species and weight. (Most lamb will run around $150 ).  

What's more important, is the butchering will be done right for the spit  with an excellent visual result. 

Our vendor's will be happy to serve you with a quality meat product. 


BARBECUE SYSTEMS (Don't forget to click on the "accessories" link to the left)

(For detailed pictures see the "Pics&Videos" link above for Q&A's inputs needed see "ordering link"

(Price will vary depending on the final setup to match your needs)

 Please also see our "accessories" page (top left link) 

 to see our manual backup  handle,  floating forks with wide "hand locks"

Custom-101~ $329+/- depending on options and motor size. Standard motor like the one below will easily handle  >>>
 Choose this for 0-60+/-lbs weights Complete with motor (best option for most barbecues. 
(Pic below right is shown with the optional manual handle accessory and floating forks)). (See Accessories link above left)
All of our systems include one standard mild steel skewer with one fixed fork. See accessories for additional items.
Actual product might vary depending on options added (see "Accessories" link on left above, and "ordering" link above. 






Angle iron vertical posts with 4 height positions, powered by an  approximately 9 rpm shaded pole motor with fan, in a ventilated box enclosure

(Depending what materials we have on hand, the actual product might vary a little, but the function and strength will be the same or better. If you need to know specifics/details of metal used please inquire prior to ordering.) 
(Shipping for this item via Fedex Ground costs around $60-70+/-
 and we charge a $20 packing / handling fee). The box turns out to be around 80" x 14" x 8" and the weight is around 68lbs)



Ideal for lambs, goats, small suckling pigs, turkeys (will need floating fork accessory for turkeys)

(Depending what materials we have on hand, the actual product might vary a little, but the function and strength will be the same or better. If you need to know specifics/details of metal used please inquire prior to ordering.)
Custom-201~$489 +/- depending on options and motor size. Choose this for 1-150-200 +/-lbs weights


(Compared to competitor's $995 systems.
You cannot upgrade the 101 system to a 201 after you receive it without returning the vertical posts, 
due to the different welding requirements for the different types of motor attachments. 
So if you are doing more than 1-60 lbs max of weight, it's better to order the Custom 201 upfront.


Custom-301 $1,299 +/- Chain driven system actual cost depends on options, size, and motor capacity from ( 75 in/lbs to 600 in/lbs) (let us know you needs / # of skewers, capacity, weights, etc., to give you an exact quote)

The 201 system runs almost double the cost due to the much heavier duty motors 200-300 in/lbs torque motors,)   

we have on hand (lightly used and as good as NEW), with our 60 day replacement warranty

(retail for these quality motors new is $496-$550)

The system is a lot more elaborate giving more flexibility on height adjustment, and thickness of material is more heavy duty build to handle all heavy weights



Chain driven system--stunning!!, with the ability to add multiple skewers on it all over, all moving from the same motor. 




 It offers the flexibility of being able to carry a lot more weight for the rated motor's capacity due to the fact that the overall weight is closer to the spit axles. It also has an uneven-weight shock absorber to prevent damage to the motor. 


It brings more power from a same torque motor. (the little motor we originally installed on this system, (shown in pics in the pics&videos link above) was only rated at 50 in/lbs torque and managed to turn with no problem over 95 lbs weight distributed in 3 skewers plus a smaller one. The same motor used on a direct system wouldn't be recommended for over 50 lbs weight. Now we use it with one of our bigger motors (310 in/lbs) and do as many as 6 skewers on it at the same time with combined weight totaling more than 400 lbs.


Choose this for any combined weights, extra convenience, very high capacity and great effects. 

All listed prices are for local pick up  (Alpharetta, GA). Shipping will be considered, and will charge actual plus 
$20 for handling / packaging. 
Prices above can fluctuate a little, depending on any custom changes (different motor/metal etc based on your inputs).




****   Please see the link "ORDERING" above and reply to questions so we can give you appropriate inputs & total pricing ****



Email us anytime at customspit@gmail.com


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