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This part of the web page is just as flexible as anything else. 

Feel free to email us with your particular questions or requests.

Meat 100 ~$150+ (If you are close to Alpharetta, GA or close to Elberton, GA. Local pick up only)

We have the best sources we can provide you for the  best "free ranging" meat possible. Let us know what your needs are. Price varies according to species and weight. (Most lamb will run around $150 and pork around the same or approx. $3/lb.  What's even more important,  the butchering will be done right for the spit  with an excellent visual result, and not all open and cut-up. Our vendor's will be happy to serve you with a quality meat product.

Rent 100~$100-$130 (Pick up from Alpharetta, GA)

Can't afford the system and just want to rent it? We'll be happy to assist you. 


Help 200~$150-200 ++ depending the distance/time involved

Need help just in the beginning stages of your endeavor such as properly balancing the carcass on the spit, until setting it over the fire? We might be able to help if there is no time conflicts in our schedule.


Help 400~ let us know if you need help with catering 

If you want to make sure your guests will have an unforgettable experience and eliminate chances of things going wrong, depending on our schedule we'll consider help catering all or part of your  celebration. Let us hear from you details and areas we can help with.

email us any time at customspit@gmail.com


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